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Connect with other builders

Keep up with your friend's progress, or connect with other people building the same aircraft.

Create logbook entries quickly and easily

Snap a new photo, or use existing photos right on your phone.

View entry details, hours worked and more.

Refresh your memory on how you built something, or show off your progress!



  • 1 Aircraft
  • 1 photo per entry
  • Export logbook entries
  • Track hours worked
  • Website

Joseph Pringle

Atlanta, Georgia

"Thanks for making this product. I've been very frustrated by Kitlog. It is so '90's. It only makes sense that in 2017, you could use your phone to snap a photo, create an entry and keep going"

Stewart Barnes

Anchorage, Alaska

"I can attest that Ben is very responsive to his customers. You E-AB guys should take a look at the app."

Erik Woodson

Madisonville, LA

"Hey Ben, Great product, thanks for dragging homebuilding into the modern age (kicking and screaming as it may have been)."

Avialoft. The simplest way to log your build.

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